Stellar RV Storage has EXTRA WIDE Stalls For More Room To Move around your vehicle.

Stellar RV Storage has more than ample room in front of each stall to make backing in and pulling out easy as pie. Save the marriage.....have her back it in !

Our Parking Stalls Are From 10 Feet Long To 80 Feet Long, and Our Spaces come in 11 and 12  Foot WIDE widths for Extra Safety and Easy Parking. You'll have plenty of room along the sides of your vehicle, to do whatever it is you do on the side of your vehicle.

( In case the size stalls you need are all rented out., consider looking for a size just 5 feet longer. The additional cost is minimal ~ REMEMBER TO MEASURE YOUR RIG FROM TIP TO TIP. Our sizes go up in five foot increments. )

See Available Parking

Covered Parking Single Stall (23 x 18 x 13.5)

T-Shade Covered Stall automotive

$159 / month Only 1 left!

Open Air Parking (35 x 11 x 14)

Who knew you were going to buy a Hawaiian catamaran with an outrigger? Keep the natives your prized possession in this perfect sized stall.

$109 / month Only 1 left!